• Sarah O'Gorman

Rodney Local Board's Healthy Harbours And Waterways Fund Now Open

Community advocates in Rodney now have reason to celebrate. Rodney Local Board’s Healthy Harbours and Waterways Fund is now open and plans to improve water quality in the Rodney area. The fund was introduced three years ago and will have raised $1.2 million by the middle of 2020. Funds have come in the form of investments, of which $750,000 was allocated by the local board itself. In addition to self-funding, Rodney Local Board has teamed up with Dairy NZ and Fonterra to work with local landowners and the general community.

The Healthy Harbours and Waterways Fund will both lead and support initiatives that aim to improve wetland areas on both private and Māori land. Many of these areas are currently facing high levels of E.coli bacteria and intense restoration is required.

The fund has already helped local farmers in the area.

“This has allowed me to exclude stock from a section of the Makarau River and fence off a feeder gully. Without this funding, I would not have been able to complete these tasks for some time to come,” said James Thompson, a farmer in Makarau.

The new fund is also partnering with the community group, The Forest Bridge Trust which has received funding to restore two, highly ecologically valuable areas of land. The projects will include protection from stock as well as pest control and re-planting.

Currently, applicants applying to the fund can apply for 50% of their proposed project to be covered by funding. However, they must be prepared to cover the remaining costs of their project.

For more information on the Healthy Harbours and Waterways Fund and details on how to apply, visit the Auckland Council website.

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