• Sarah O'Gorman

Plans for Rodney West Local Path Move Forward

Plans for local paths in Rodney West seem to be moving forward as of late. Rodney Local Board recently adopted the Rodney West Local Paths (Greenways) Plan. This is slated to be Rodney’s fourth and final greenways plan and will cover the areas of Coatesville, Dairy Flat, Helensville, Kaukapakapa, Muriwai, Taupaki and Wainui.

One of the features of these plans is that they were created in unison with the local community. Group discussions were held not only with stakeholders but also local community groups and school-age children.

“Feedback from the community has helped us come up with the network and priority routes which will serve as a blueprint for implementing future walkway and cycleway projects in these areas,” said Parks and Recreation Committee Chair Brent Bailey.

Together with the local community, the board has identified 10 routes of importance. Some of the routes identified are as follows:

The Helensville Loop Route will serve as a path for walking, running and biking and will begin and end at Kaipara College and run through Rautawhiri Road, Inland Road, Wishart Road and Garfield Road.

Kaukapakapa’s northern and southern sides will be connected via the Kaukapakapa local paths. These will take the form of several off-road routes.

Parakai Domain will be connected with Helensville A&P Showgrounds along the river.

The Coatesville Scenic Reserve trail will link native forest between Green Road Reserve and Coatesville.

The routes are not yet set in stone, as funding and accessibility will need to be taken into consideration.

“Before any of the priority routes can progress, funding needs to be identified and further scoping of each route undertaken to determine its feasibility. This could lead to finding alternative routes in some instances,” said Bailey.

To find out more about current proposed routes, visit the Auckland Council website .

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