• Sarah O'Gorman

Here’s How Much Kiwis Are Paying For A View In New Zealand

It’s no secret that New Zealand is a beautiful country. With spectacular views galore, Kiwis across the country are eager to purchase their very own slice of paradise here at home. But just how much does a home with a view cost?

Scenery-loving Kiwis can expect to fork out millions of dollars to bag New Zealand’s top views. Whether it’s mountain, ocean or city panoramas, buyers need to be prepared to dig deep to get what they want. Auckland beach properties vary in price, with some costing upwards of $11 million. Unsurprisingly, Auckland ocean-front living is hardest on Kiwis’ wallets, as even homes a few blocks from the beach cost upwards of $5 million. Aucklanders looking for a city view from Devonport, for example, are paying approximately $2.5 million.

Outside of Auckland, the perfect home with the perfect view still comes with a hefty price tag. A classic Wellington ocean view will cost you around $3 million, while Queenstown mountain and lake views cost roughly $1.5 million. Taupo vistas cost approximately the same and real estate experts are quick to note that when it comes to house comparisons, location is always king.

Experts also suggest that an ocean view can add significant value to a home in New Zealand. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars can be added in value to homes that come with the location and the perfect seascape.

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