• Sarah O'Gorman

Government Announces $12 Billion Infrastructure Project

An enormous infrastructure budget has been announced by Jacinda Ardern’s government that will see billions spent on transport around Auckland. $3.3 billion has been allocated to improving roads in and around Auckland.

Projects will include adding pedestrian and cycle paths to the Auckland Harbour Bridge and introducing the Penlink Toll Road in the Whangaparaoa Peninsula which should be completed by 2025.

Two railway projects have also been planned. The railway line that connects Auckland city to Pukekohe will be electrified at a cost of $371 million and an additional line will be added between the Waterfront and Wiri for freight trains.

Some of these projects have been in the works for several years but lacked the necessary funds to begin work. The biggest planned project is the 21.5km Mill Road arterial which will connect Manukau and Drury.This project alone is set to cost close to $1.3 billion and is estimated to be completed by 2028.

Auckland’s Mayor, Phil Goff said, “this package doesn’t solve all of our problems but gives impetus to our programme to decongest our city.”

It has been apparent that congestion in Auckland has only been getting worse, as more cars appear on already-crowded roads. Improvement in infrastructure, along with a push for residents to consider public transport, has been a key part in reducing congestion in recent years.

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