• Sarah O'Gorman

Freshen Up Your Home...

Whether you have been craving a new look or just simply want to refresh a room, you live in a house that you own or a small rented apartment, we have a few, low-cost ideas that will instantly help you fall in love with you surroundings…

A natural woven basket used for storage can bring a certain texture to your home. We like to soften each room by having fabrics and items that have texture, creating cosiness and warmth.

A statement rug ties your look together. Whether its circular, asymmetrical, geometric-patterned, faux fur, or a neutral tone, a statement rug will do wonders in tying your fresh all your décor together.

An indoor house plant or two are mood-enhancing. They are also nature’s way of helping to refresh circulating the air flow. Potted succulents can be an inexpensive and minimal maintenance to take care of, while hanging plants can make great statement pieces. Flowers placed in vases make great center pieces on the dining table or kitchen bench.

Adding some scents will make your home feel more alive. Although flowers and plants are a great source of natural scent, try using candles, incense sticks or essential oils to bathrooms and bedrooms.

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