• Sarah O'Gorman

Auckland Northern Corridor Set To Provide Residents With Key Transport Links

Construction on the Auckland Northern Corridor has now been underway for just over a year. The project, spearheaded by the New Zealand Transport Agency, plans to bring key transport links to Auckland residents.

Building on the new transport routes began in April of 2018. The project is estimated to be completed by May 2022 and will cost approximately $700 million. The Auckland Northern Corridor will provide Aucklanders with better transport options, particularly on the North Shore. Freight, cars, pedestrians and cyclists are all expected to benefit from the project.

The Northern Corridor will consist of a new motorway connecting the West directly with the North Shore and improving current travel options. Upper Harbour Highway will be upgraded to a motorway and new paths will be installed that make the new roads safer for both pedestrians and cyclists alike.

The new project also boasts reduced travel times by separating motorway from local traffic and improving current intersections. New bridges will be built to facilitate this and construction will take into account growing areas like Albany. A new bridge is planned to connect Albany station to the shops, providing cyclists and pedestrians with a safe, direct way to get there. The Tirohanga Whānui Bridge recently won the New Zealand Architecture Award, a positive win for New Zealand Transport. Highway 1 will receive also receive new lanes.

Personal vehicles aren’t the only transport options that are set to benefit from the Northern Corridor. The Northern Busway is being extended to Albany which means that express buses like the NX1 will have a faster, clearer North Shore route. A new bridge is also being built to connect the busway over the motorway with Albany station, making it quicker and easier for buses to get in and out of the station.

The Auckland Northern Corridor project will make travelling around the North Shore quicker, easier and more accessible which will no doubt have a positive impact on North Shore development in the near future.

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